06050 Westfall Pro 5/8″ Removable Rope Grab

Designed for 5/8” 3-strand rope, self-trailing rope guide roller for smooth operation, rope grab with 2” ring, anti-panic lock for added safety, anti-inversion plate for proper installation on rope, ANSI compliant.

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Westfall Pro Removable mobile rope grab is for use with 5/8 inch rope lifelines. The integrated trailing feature allows the rope grab to follow the user, and provides ease of movement. The large two inch D-ring allows for the attachment of a shock absorbing lanyard.


  •     Designed to easily move up and down the length of vertical rope lifelines
  •     Panic function brakes to lock the rope grab on the lifeline in the event of a fall.
  •     Polished Stainless Steel
  •     Minimum breaking load: 2800 Lbs 13 kn
  •     Meets and exceeds all industry standards.
  •     ANSI Z359.1
  •     EN 353-2, EN 362
  •     20.2 oz / 572 grams


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